Lightning Network

Very new to Bisq. I discovered it today. Is there any plans to integrate the Lightning network into this? This would obviously have huge liquidity benefits. It might also remove the need for multi sig deposits up front?

I have thought about this as well and find the idea quite interesting.
I don’t developer’s thoughts on this, but I assume that they can’t know how difficult this might be as LN isn’t even developed yet and should they focus on it or some other stuff in Bisq first.

We will probably have to wait for LN to be developed and in use first and then see if we can integrate it easily with Bisq or is there going to be a lot of work needed.

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In short, @stridentbean, yes! I don’t have much time to discuss at the moment, but there are a number of ways we’re thinking about LN integration for Bisq.


That would be great! It would enable trades with lower quantities without on-chain fees.

upvote as well. it would be awesome to have lightning payments. i believe the not so decentralized hodl hodl exchange is experimenting with this as well.