Limit still not lifted after 1 month

Hello Bisquist,

unfortunately, I just noticed that my trade limit has not been raised from 0.01 to 0.125 BTC yet. My last trade was on May 11. I traded with peer account that was supposed to sign my account. The peer account info says:

Signed by peer and can sign peer accounts (limits lifted)

So, I guess this peer account could sign my account.

After reading the doc, I thought that I could buy more than 0.01 BTC (up to 0.125 BTC obviously) after 30 days only if my account has been signed by the peer account.

Unfortunately, I’m still stucked to 0.01 BTC limit.

Thanks for your help.

If your account says it’s signed, it’s very strange that the limits weren’t raised. Could you go to Keybase to privately share screenshots and maybe logs?

Thx for your reply. For unknow reasons to me, the update only showed up a day later.