Limits for each bank account ? or for bisq wallet?

is the limit only valid for each bank account ?

So if I add a new bank account for SEPA for example, then the limit is resetted for this ?

Or are the limits bound to the bisq wallet ?

Is there a way to get a higher limit faster ? :frowning:

The limits are for each trade. So for example, if you create a brand new BISQ account with SEPA as your payment method your PER-TRADE limit will be 0.25btc. This limit will not increase, it’s the max per trade when using SEPA as the payment method. However, you are able take multiple trades. Just be aware of any limits your bank may impose on a specific payment method.

Let me know if you need further clarification.


Ok but if I add a new SEPA bank account to the existing bisq wallet then there will be a new limit ?

Well you can create as many accounts as you wish and they will all have separate limits yes. However, remember that the limit is PER trade. So you can make multiple 0.25btc trades with the same account. Does this make sense?