List of Bounties

It seem that the bounty offered by TheKoziTwo concerning an installation script on Raspberrry Pi worked very fast.

I suggest that a list of new, existing and wanted bounties are made somewhere, maybe in this thread. Manfred needs all help he can get and this seems to be an excellent way to incentivize developers and other people.

Money is always an incentive but unfortunately a scarce resource :wink:

I am happy to spend some of the donations (recently got a 10 BTC donation!) for bounties.
The problem is that much of the important work needs quite a lot of time to get started (onboarding) that is why I prefer a long term work relationship with fulltime devs.
Though I will try to find isolated smaller tasks suitable for bounties and mark them on Github as “Bounty task”. Will keep a record on GH about the amount allocated for the bounty and the responsible person (who will decide if a bounty was fulfilled).

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I added another bounty for the blocked Tor in China issue:

I top up this bounty also. It is very important.


I added here a basic ruleset and overview:

Hers are other new bounties:

Yes, sad fact of life and in particular of btc.

“Buy land my friend, they don’t make it anymore” M. Twain

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