List of fishy peers

The current guy I sent my Zelle funds to has received my messages, received payment, and is ignoring me now for the third day in a row.

Is this arbitrator trading issue still present?
Can I get scammed at this point?

He has 2 more brand new unsigned accounts with offers during the time of my trade and my growing feel is that he’s trying to scam other people. He is the seller of the BTC and the maker of the trade. For some reason also, his maximum funds in the trade are above .01 BTC regardless of him being unsigned, which i find odd.

Is there a list of fishy peers I shouldn’t trade with?

It’s highly unlikely that you will be scammed by a seller on Bisq. The vulnerability last week was exploited by a seller, but that is now patched, and a seller gains nothing by scamming a buyer…especially for relatively low amounts like 0.01 BTC.

Actually, if they don’t follow the rules, they’ll lose their 0.006 deposit, which is 60% of the trade amount for a 0.01 BTC trade. Sellers must post this security deposit in addition to the total amount of BTC they’re selling, which is why you’re seeing >0.01 BTC in the multisig.

It is certainly annoying when sellers wait until the last minute to release funds, but this is not against the rules.

If the trade period does end and you still haven’t gotten your BTC, then of course something is wrong – and please open a mediation ticket.

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