List UBIQ based ERC20 Token


We have just migrated ethereum from ubiq. We’d like to list our ubiq token on bisq

Do you support ubiq based erc20 token on bisq?

Thank you,

There is actually already an altcoin called Ubiq (UBQ) on Bisq (since v0.7.0).

OK, Thanks. I will make a pull request.

No need to hurry.
New altcoins listing is frozen at the moment ->

OK, When are you planing to accept altcoin listing?

I don’t know.
It’s a collective discussion.
But in any case, be aware that even if listing remains free, it will be at best only for the first listing.
Which means that practically, if you list your altcoin and this altcoin doesn’t get enough trades, the altcoin will be unlisted, and if you want relisting, then you’ll have to pay.
So, hint, better not candidate for listing if you have no idea about generating trading also. You’ll just waste your free trial.

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