Listing bytcoins (BYT)

Name: Bytcoins
Ticker: BYT
Algorithm: Cryptonight
Block number: 126772
Money supply: 184.467.440.737,09551616 (BYT)
Minimum commission:0,001
Block time: 60 seconds
Dev language: C++
Type: POW
Secp256k1 version: Ed25519
Block explorer:

Requirements and instructions on adding a new token can be found here

Unfortunate name, could easily be confused with ByteCoin.

True! Might be the first case where a contributor might start a veto to not list that coin. Confusing users with very similar names to an old established coin is not good practice and I think Bisq should not support such.

Bitcoin - Bytecoin - Bytcoins are diferent names of diferents cryptocurrencies