Listing Marycoin

Marycoin is 99.99% bitcoin clone. The main idea is to make another bitcoin, only cheaper.

Bitcoin has become very expensive and it was not profitable to use it for everyday microtransactions аnd further the commission will only grow.
This means that bitcoin can continue to be used as savings or as a currency for major purchases, but buying pizza for bitcoins, no one will be. Commission is more expensive.

Therefore, the idea was born: to make another bitcoin. Why not? If anyone, even a technically not very literate user can easily see that the new coin is the same bitcoin with only a different name, then the coin can begin to be used in the same way as before used bitcoin: for cheap micropayments.

The Marycoin started on 06.01.2017. There is no premine. All coins are receive only real miners.
Those who believe in a Marycoin now сan begin to mine until the difficulty is not big. Perhaps in the future these coins will become more expensive and maybe not.

Ticker: MC
Algorithm: SHA256
Premine: 0% (0)
Blocks per day 144
Reward for block 50
P2P port: 33333
RPC port: 33332
Max coin supply: 21 000 000

Source code and wallets
how to run and build:

Read this document for requirements and instructions to add a new token to Bisq

Seems like your project started when the BTC mempool was flooded.
But now, with tx being mined consistently at under 1$ of fee and even cheaper once LN is done, you could definitely get a few Pizzas with Bitcoin :wink:
Don’t want to start a discussion or so, but just sayin… ^^