Litecoin transfer from Coinbase not received in Bisq

I transferred Litecoin from my wallet on to my Litecoin wallet on Bisq. The address for the Bisq Litecoin wallet was one I generated from

When I look on the Coinbase website account, I see that the transaction has succeeded and completed at 1:08 pm Central Time on 07-Dec-2017. But Bisq is not showing any Litecoin in my Litecoin wallet.

My transfer of Bitcoin from Coinbase to my Bitsquare BTC wallet worked fine. But the Litecoin transfer seems to be creating trouble. I hope I have not lost the Litecoin – since it is no longer in my Coinbase account!!

Any ideas on what is going on?

It sounds like you havnt transfered litecoin to bisq, sounds like you transferred it to the liteaddress wallet you generated. Did you save the corresponding private key? To access the funds you will need to restore it to another wallet client. Sorry not familier with litewallet clients to suggest one. You can only sent litecoin to bisq if you changed from the btc base currency to ltc base currency. Its not clear if you did that?

I see. Thanks for the explanation. I did save the private key that goes with the Litecoin wallet address.

So, if I just install some other Litecoin wallet, will I be able to access my Litecoin if I set it up the new wallet with the same private key and address?


Yes. If you have the private key imported in your wallet, then you can access the funds on the address that corresponds to that private key.

People don’t really use Litecoin as base currency often and I am not even sure that it is still active in the newest version of Bisq. Are you sure you actually changed the base currency to LTC?
If not then Bisq can’t act as a Litecoin wallet, as far as I know.
Perhaps you went to accounts and created an altcoin account for Litecoin with the address you generated from somewhere else. If this is what you did, then Bisq can’t control these coins, it is not a wallet, just information for other traders to know where to send you LTC when you buy LTC with BTC in Bisq.