Live chat about the Bisq DAO with GabrielDVine

Tomorrow, 12.7. 20:20 (UK time) live chat about the Bisq DAO with GabrielDVine on


I watched it live. I didnt expect decentralized exchanges in at least next 5 years. I am impressed.

At the end of that interview you mentioned that you need people to promote bisq. I own business consulting company and can help you with promotion (SEO, promotion, social media, Google AdWords, setting up interviews etc.).

Who should I contact regarding this? (and how)



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Thanks I will send you an email.

Hi, I saw the long and informative interview also. Well done!
One general and open-ended question came to mind: What are the pro’s and cons of tokenized decentralized exchanges - like Waves - vs Bisq? (I’ve used Waves but haven’t had the opportunity to use Bisq yet.)
I guess time and experience will tell, but getting away from centralized exchanges is definitely progress!

I don’t know waves but most of those don’t offer Fiat, just either IOU on one currency or pure altcoins trade. With IOU u have to trust the issues/gateway, so it just moves the problem IMO.

Thanks for the quick reply. I haven’t used it much but the fiats (USD, EUR, CNY) are in there as accounts and trading pairs to cryto, and there are USD and EUR on/off ramps. I know they are still working on some kyc/accreditation requirements for some jurisdictions. Trading is thin though, early days. I do see they use “coinomat” as their gateway service, so it seems you have a point.

congrats on the interview, Manfred. the chat with viewers was a bit of a jungle at times but i think in general it all had a very positive response to introduce bisq to many.

Waves only supports tokens native to Waves, as far as I know, an definitely not Fiat!