Local Bisq

Dear developers and community,

Bisq brings users a better service than other exchanges : with built-in Tor, no central server, no identity check and so on.

Despite this I see reasons that would limit adoption :
-users have to enter and share bank details : this is a worry and demands trust
-trades of national currency go through banks : there is not much anonymity there, what about censorship resistance ?
Have you thought about a local functionality : money exchange in the street while deposit and bitcoin exchange over the network ?


There were recent discussions on the slack about F2F exchange.
atm nothing is implemented in Bisq, but yes there are thoughts.

There are rough plans here:

But I fear main problem will be that it is even harder to bootstrap markets as they are locally more restricted. Security situation is different, and not clear if better or worse. Probably depending mostly on country…

In future maybe some arbitrators would be willing to observe an exchange in person or over a camera feed, that could help with disputes, but of course none of these solutions are as good as for other already implemented payment methods.