LocalBitcoin to get BTC for Deposit: Identity Theft Question


I signed up for Bisq several weeks ago, and really want to get going, but I need BTC first. After encountering a shady BTC exchange, I decided that Localbitcoins was a safer way to get the initial BTC. Now that I am trying to purchase they are requiring that I send my photoID over the internet, both front and back. I am wondering, is this safe? The issue of identity theft worries me a bit, but none of the traders will sell the BTC without a driver’s license picture. What are people’s thoughts on this?

I know this isn’t directly Bisq, but I need to get BTC somehow to get started on here, so it is relevant. Thanks!

Better to ask around personally if someone will trade with you hand to hand. The best is to ask some friends, if you know anyone in crypto, to either lend you or sell you a small amount just to get started. It would be surprising to me that at least some centralized exchanges don’t offer small trade amounts without any ID. Look for other popular exchanges if you don’t know people in crypto.

I often recommand people to use https://bitit.io/ You can get ~25$ of BTC just with credit card… Higher amounts requires more papers.

It’s very common to ask for pictures in Localbitcoins. It’s up to you to accept that or not. I would watermark the picture to difficult ID theft.

I never understand why people use Local Bitcoins instead of good reputation services. Local bitcoins are unsafe and expensive.
If you are in the US there two good services you can use:
and if you like you can hide your identity by using prepaid phone and safe email.
like https://mail.protonmail.com/login or disposable email like https://www.mailinator.com/
I used all of them and never have any problems.
If you not in US, use another services or run local ad, but do not use Local Bitcoins !

You dont need ID for a pre-paid phone plan in the US?

No, you don’t need ID to buy phone in most countries, you can buy, but you will need ID to activate service and it depends of country the way how to avoid it.
they will try to get your identity on activation, but you can avoid it easily in US and another countryes:)

Tips how to buy BTC safe in US, without compromising your identity.
You can be traced:
1- by your IP
2-by your phone
3-by your device imbedded personal number.(phone,tablet,pc)
4-by location of your device with GPS (any phone)
5- number plate of your car near bank.

SO, NEVER make ordering from your home computer or any device connected to your home internet or registered in your name!

1 -You need a safe device (tablet, smartphone, notebook)
This device must be not on your name, was not paid by credit card on your name.
if this is a tablet or notebook, you will need disposable phone #
So the easiest way, just to buy for cash cheapest unlocked smartphone and use SIM card as T-mobile prepaid, you can buy for cash in many places or some sim you can buy at any airport.Or you can buy prepaid phone with the SIM card kit (t-mobile, etc.) in many stores as family dollar, 7-11, wallmart etc. and pay by cash.(T mobile SIM with $3/month plan is preferable, because it is cheaper. there 10 c\min but you need only to sent 1 sms to make order.)

2-Now you need to activate your SIM in the new phone, use safe email with no name requirements as protonmail or open mailbox. use any name on SIM activation, registration as “Walt Smith” do it not from your home,or you address will be assotiated with phone,they will track signal by GPS!
Alternatively, you can simply buy working smartphone from someone, in this case, that person will be tracked, not you, if you use it properly.

3- Now you have working phone not on your name.
But you need internet, so go to any store or Starbucks with free, open wifi and make your order of BTC now.

  1. After order confirmation on your phone and email go to one of selected bank branch and pay cash on account # they provide in order.
    They never will ask your ID when you deposit to account.
    Don’t, make order over $4500 better do few orders for small amounts about $500.
    If some idiot asked your ID, just reply" I forgot it home" and simply go to another branch.
    Do not park your car near branch! ( any bank has 24\7 surveillance cameras cover at least 100 m around the bank).
    After you made payment, photo receipt and send as require and wait for your BTC.
    After you are done, turn off the phone, take off the battery.
    Next time you want to buy BTC, take the phone and repeat all again. NEVER turn on the phone in your home!

Actually, most people don’t really understand why they need keep identity safe, and when finally they realized it is usually too late!:slight_smile:

In most of the countries it is some ways to avoid identity compromised.
In Russia for instance, no freedom of internet, it is illegal to connect anonymously, but you can buy phone from many places there on someone’s name and get prepaid visa or Mastercard on someone’s name and use it to by BTC

And it is one more way working almost anywhere to buy BTC safe and anonymous. You can use Crypto agent (crypto broker) with a good reputation. All you need is to sent hem order by safe email and you will get your BTC or other coins. Usually there different payment methods, as wire transfer, western union etc… only problem, the broker will charge about 10%

Actually, there big problem now to deal with BTC face to face.
When I buy my first BTC, it took only about 5-10 min to get two confirmations, later, in 2016 it is become pain in a xxzzz, when I buy 1btc and we were waiting in the casino, where we meet about 1 hour before first confirmation.
Now I stop all face to face dealing with BTC because high transaction fee and long confirmation. You can wait now many hours!
So if someone wants to buy now face to face, I recommend to use LTC,DASH or even DOGE and after, exchange on BTC.
Of couse, if you meet in person it must be safe public place, preferably with armed personal around as library,casino or bank branch ,not cafe or bus stop.

Thanks for the info.

There have been quite a few complaints, though, about Wallofcoins.

Maybe you have had a good experience, but there are so many scams among bitcoin exchanges that this would scare me off.

Never hear anything bad about bitquick, they will be not long in business if scam, they us based, you have all proof if you need it , never have any problem with .
About wall of coins, I use just few times, as well no any problems. And definitely better than local bitcoins. You are right it is lots of scam around cryptos now, need to be really careful.