Localbitcoins orphan here, need western union advice

Hello, new user here.

Just completed my first succsesful Bisq trade… of corse, to by bisq tokens LOL.

So, the thing is, im a LocalBitcoins orphan, the only realiable method to pay for my bitcoins is western union, at least where I live. So i wanted to know what measures should i take to ensure a swift, trauma-free trades with such method, and ensure that the arbitrators have the correct tools to do their work.

Specially i would like to know what would happen if a BTC seller picks an offer in non-working days for Western-Union, like a sunday, or saturday late nigth.

will thank any feedback.

Basically what happens in such situation is that this will consume some time (1 day or 2 days) in the allowed trade period, and thus make your trade more prone to dispute.
If you want to avoid such situations, simply close your Bisq application or disable your offers before such times.

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Welcome to Bisq! :smiley:

I never used western union myself, but I know Bisq usally has very detailed steps pop up on the screen once the trade is started.

In case of a dispute, arbitrator will understand if it was a weekend or holiday, so there is nothing to worry about it there.

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