Locked at "wait until payment arrived"

I purchased BTC using Zelle. After sending the funds to the seller, I clicked the button stating that the funds were sent and the trade process moved to step 3 “waiting until payment arrived”. There was a snafu with Zelle that has since been resolved. The seller now has the funds and has asked me to hit the button acknowledging that the funds were sent and he will release the BTC. I do not see a way to do that again. We are stuck where he has been paid but can’t release the funds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Open mediation and require a regular payout, this a common bug. Once the mediator suggest a payout both of you need to accept it.
You should update to v1.5.2, it should be fixed on that version.

Thanks for the information. I believe I did update to v1.5.2 but I will check. Also, I am not sure if the seller has updated. I either case I will open mediation. Thank you again.

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