Locked funds in open trade filed under legacy arbitration

I have a trade that I made March 2, 2019 that was put into arbitration and never resolved. I’ve had 0.01 BTC locked since then and I am now finally looking to get this resolved. The trade failed because at the time I was very new to BISQ and this was the first trade I did where I was the seller so it’s probably my fault. I tried to resolve the trade via the chat in BISQ but an arbitrator never responded to my message.

I have included a picture of the details of the trade from the Legacy Arbitration tab titled “arb_1.png”

Please help, Thanks

Hi, please avoid sharing private info. Please take down the image and head to https://keybase.io/team/bisq so we can help you through your issue.

It won’t let me take down the post because i dont have permission