Locked in Multisig for trade

I am a new user and attempted my first trade today. I sent funds to seller and he sent coins to me. The transaction is locked in Multisig for trade and ID. I’m not sure what this means? Is this normal? How long could I be waiting to get the transaction done? Is there something I need to do on my end?


You can see if any action is required in the ->‘Portfolio’ ->‘Open trades’ screen. You might be waiting for the peer ‘to finalize the payout transaction’, I can’t really tell from your description. It shouldn’t take long.
What message do you see in the ‘open trades’ screen?

I sent payment and got a payment confirmation. Its been like this for hours.

the person that you sent money to needs to check his bank balance with matching trade id and then manually confirm from his end. then they BTC will be unlocked and sent to you.

edit: feature request. would it be possible to average every users response time when the ball is in their court so to speak and displayable to potential takers. This way potential trading peer can be known if quick or slow. but this can depends on multiple factors, but could be used as a general guide.

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