Login/registration problem

I registered, downloaded Bisq-64bit-0.6.2.exe, installed, and were asked for password. Then, upon entering pw, and pressing Unlock, I had this warning:
You entered the wrong password. Please try entering your pw again, carefully checking for typos and speling errors.
Tried a couple of times, then returned to community page, where I seemed to be logged in. Went to prefs, and pressed change pw. Recieved email, confirmed it, and set my new pw. Went back to the app, after restarting it. Still no luck, same error msg. What can be wrong?

Yes, my pc runs Win10, and my pw contains one uppercase letter, one number, and is about 16 chars long. Any known problems about these things?

Windows Defender doesn’t complain, nor did CCleaner. Tried restarting PC, no help there.

I live in Norway, could there be a problem to that? Never heard of Tor being banned around here…

And finally, bisq login screen doesn’t ask for username, just password. Could that be something?

I’ve tried installing Tor browser, but it doesn’t seem to help my bisq login problem.
Reinstalled bisq app, still no luck.

But is running Tor needed? Nothing here on bisq page says so, not even a link to Tor download, so I may have misundersttod, but this thread - Bisq through Tor Gateway - and this one - Cannot start application, stuck at connecting to tor - bad tor settings? - gives me the idea that I should. But, well, I’m a newbie to the entire Tor thing, so could anyone explain in user friendly language how to install and connect - if I have to do so?

And finally - is Bitsquare some kind of secret club that doesn’t want outsiders to join (should I just give up?) - or is there a want for more people to enter and join the trade?

There is no need to download tor. Please verify the .exe download if you can. There should not be a password when you first install bisq.

I am certain you issue has nothing to do with Tor.
You misunderstood, this forum is not connected with the app. The app works on it’s own and doesn’t depend on any website or server, this is why it is decentralized.

The account you made on this forum is just for the forum, there is no way anyone can connect your trading in Bisq with this forum, not even the developers.

If your app asks for a password, it means that you used Bisq before, created a wallet and setup a password. If you can’t remember your password and you didn’t save the seed words, then you can backup the data directory and move it somewhere else so Bisq creates a new one and starts from scratch.
You can find the data directory in Win10 at C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq

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Thanks, that worked like a charm :slight_smile: