Cannot start application, stuck at connecting to tor - bad tor settings?

I decided ill try tor bridges.
After a restart, i cannot start the bitsquare application. Stuck trying to connect to tor.

Is there a way to reset network settings on the command line or modify a config file?

Initially i put in 3 obfs4 lines…eventually it timed out and asked me to put in new bridges (no other option presented eg disable tor)…so i put in obfs3 bridges.
same issue arises, stuck and cannot access trading or wallet. the timeout is way too long by the way.

edit: ubuntu linux

Sounds like we need an option to clear all bridge settings at that point. I’ll raise a ticket on github.

yep makes sense. i was going to post a github issue, but i just signed up and didnt want to break it :slight_smile:

Done. No worries, we break things daily in dev. You just need to know how to fix it again.

As for your immediate problem, I’ll have to leave that to Manfred.

I think I will rather deactive the brigde option in the UI. People add wrong formats and it was mainly added to test if we got over the GFW in China with it, but it failed. For normal users here I don’t see much reason to use bridges.
Sure it could be fixed also but as said the beneefits are questionabkle and better to keep things simple. Already enough details in the settings…

will my situation be fixable? i have funds in the wallet, and a multisig payout transaction that still stuck :frowning: (as per PM messages, waiting for upcoming new version to fix?) why did i mess with the settings :frowning:
edit: i do have a backup, but unsure how old it is, but all is not lost i guess.

In that case u can send me the “db” directory inside the app data directory (without the wallet) and i will hack the settings back from code. Or maybe fix that issues while checking your case…

sorry about this, you know i just remembered something.
i moved my initial app data windows directory over to linux. (quite a few version ago, i think 4.9.3 was the version i migrated over from windows to linux) so i have 2 directories.
mainnet & mainnet_linux.
I have been using linux bitsquare for a while so i will give you the mainnet_linux\db contents yeah? Although the timestamps seems older than the mainnet directory. i will 7zip up both and send you links soonish.

thanks! with the preference files you sent me i can launch bitsquare again.