Login Screen, but the Login Button does not Highlight or Enable

I place 2 trades September 1st at around 2:45 CST. One for 1.9 BTC in exchange for 1 SF. The second for 2.5 BTC in exchange for 1 SF. Both trades were removed from the Order Book. When I attempted to login and do my seller confirmations, I could not login. My password went in the box, but the Login Button never Highlighted. The only button that could be pressed is Forgot Password, which I knew.
I bought another SF before and all my addresses and procedures are the same.
Is there any way that an arbiter could help finalize the transaction. I would pay the arbiter a fee. I would pay the seller a 10% bonus to continue.
Is there a way to return the 4.4 BTC if the transaction does not complete?
I would have written earlier, but it said there was no support.

You can open a dispute by pressing cmd-o and then you will be contacted by an arbiter.

I could not login under the previous account.
The buyer and seller are no longer visible on a new account.
Where do I enter a cmd-o?
I tried in a new account to press cmd-o on a random transaction and nothing happened.
I am on a Mac running: v.0.5.3

OK. Then you have to wait for more competent people than me to help. You enter cmd-o or ctrl-o when the application is open.

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it and your effort.

So you are stuck at the login screen? Please be sure to enter the correct password (check caps lock). The button gets activated as soon as the entered string is at lest 8 characters long.
Do you have your seed words backed up? If you have forgotten your password (or misspelled when setting up) you can recover with the seed words at that screen.

Thank you for the reply.
1.) The password was cut and paste.
2.) The highlight button was not available to press.
3.) I thought the password was the 'key’
4.) Now I realize: Before loading currency on Bisq.io to save the Seed words and Date
5.) I had not saved the Seed words or Date. I have now for a new account.
6.) From the new account the transaction is invisible.
7.) I have no idea how to contact an Arbiter or Support to help with this transaction. I am not sure how they would know who I am.
8.) All addresses are still valid. An Arbiter could execute and verify the transaction.
9.) Arbiter please contact us soon. Thank You!

What do you mean with new account? Did you changed the data directory? Did you managed to log in? If you have not backed up the seed words and dont have a backup made and your password does not match to that what you used to setup the password nobody can help you. The wallet gets encrypted by the password and the only way to recover if with the seed words or if you have a backup form the unencrypted wallet. If you on the mac and have time machine backup you have chances to find a backup there.
To backup the seed and the data directory is explicitly stated in a popup after you set your password as well when you create your payment account.

An arbiter could communicate between the parties for verification. All the addresses are in the transaction.

I had not explored Bisq enough to know where the seed and date were.

Everyone, please backup your Seed & Date before using Bisq.io

The main screen has Funds & Market.

When I first used Bisq.io I was a Novice. I wish I had started as an expert.

I now understand to save the seed and date.

I joined Bisq.io maybe 4-days ago. I had logged in several times before.

I entered the login. The Button did not get activated.

If you are an arbitrator can you execute and we communicate with you? Everything is setup. The transaction is just in the button pushing phase.

I sent you a PM.