Looking for a Developer To Create Github Pull Request For Bitsquare

I’m looking for a developer to add the Bitsquare Pull request for my coin to the Bitsquare repository. This is a paid request, I am offering $50 in btc
coin name Madcoin
thank you

It would help if you could provide some more details about the coin.

First of all, could you please go through the list of general requirements and confirm that they all are met (ticker symbol, etc) and post all the details in here.

Second, the PR for an Altcoin mainly requires providing an algorithm to validate account addresses. So you would have to provide an algorithm to tell a valid and an invalid account address apart.

In some coins that’s pretty straightforward. In others it might not. The best way would be to get someone who is involved in developing your coin anyway to do the PR. The rest is pretty straightforward as explained in the “How to add an altcoin” document.

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coin name : madcoin
ticket : MDC
site : https://madcoin.life
explorer : http://block.madcoin.life:3001
github : https://github.com/madcoin-project/madcoin
bitcointalk topic : bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2214655.0
exchange : https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-MDC.htm