Looking for other new users that want to try small trades

I am looking for someone (like my self) that wants to learn how to use this decentralized exchange.

Maybe we could try some low value trades to get familiar with the process.


I hope you have a smooth trade :slight_smile:

Also please note that mining fee will make a bigger portion of the trade if the trade amount is small.
I think that in new version, these fees will be reduced, but Bitcoin network does tend to have high fees recently.

I see there is LTC trading on Bisq - will that be a cheaper option for trying some trades?

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Yes, it should be, you just need to set Litecoin as a base currency in the settings. You will need to have some LTC however for the security deposit to start trading.

What would the fees be for a small (.1LTC) trade?

It depends on multiple factors, including the distance from the market price.
You should be able to see all the fees and info before the trade starts, so don’t worry, it is not going to charge you with any unknown fees.