Looking for payout wallet ID on Blockchain

I am attempting to find a payout wallet with the exact value of the Bisq trade.
So far I can only locate:

Maker fee transaction,
Taker fee transaction
Deposit transaction ID
Delayed payout ID
Payout transaction ID

None of these outputs shows the exact value of the bitcoin sale.

Help please,

By wallet you mean address? (a wallet is a program which contains and generates multiple addresses).

Maker and taker tx ID is the fees paid to Bisq.
Deposit tx ID has the trade amount + 2 times the security deposit (1 from seller, 1 from buyer).
Delayed payout tx ID is the ID for that the transaction that will be published when the timelock is activated (10 days since 1st confirmation of deposit tx for alts, 20 days for fiat). It will send the temporary locked deposit tx to a DAO address, and it will allow a trader to start arbitration when a dispute can’t be solved between both traders.
Payout tx ID is the last transaction that settles the trade. It should send trade funds + security deposit to buyer and security deposit to seller.

So if you want to know the amount of a Bisq trade from this tx IDs, you should look at the deposit tx and make sure they have the trade amount + 2 times the security deposit. It’s normal that none of these outputs show the exact value of the btc sale.

That’s inconvenient!
Thanks for the clarification.