Loss of fee on canceled open trade is too expensive

The offer fee is for the arbiter. If no one ever accepts my offer, the arbiter doesn’t do anything. Why should I lose money if no one accepts my listed offer? This feels very wrong to me. This punishes people for using the system in its current state (not many users, not many open offers). I’m not going to risk listing something on bitsquare if the likely scenario is I have to remove my listing and lose my offer fee. You need to incentivize people to list offers - there should be no risk for listing something.

The fee is far too high for just spam protection. Its almost $4. Spam protection should be something below 1 cent. If there’s spam protection it should be fully separable from a refundable arbiter fee. Otherwise no one is going to feel comfortable putting offers on bitsquare. I’m certainly not. I’m a little pissed that the application didn’t make it clear this fee is non-refundable.

On poloniex, they incentivize people to list open offers by giving them a significantly lower fee structure. Unfortunately, I can’t get my damn xmr out of poloniex, and I don’t trust exchanges anymore than I’m forced to. But no one is on bitsquare, and I suspect part of the reason is this fee.

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The fee is or spam protection. Only 0.0003 BTC goes to the arbitrator and the huge part is tx fee.

0.0003 BTC would make it 0.67$. I guess it is the bitcoin tx fee that you are bothered with. Which is understandable, but that is just the state of the Bitcoin network right now.

Ah, I see. Even if there is a small anti-spam payment, it requires the full transaction fee. Ok. FYI tho, 67 cents is still far too high for anti spam.

Well here’s the thing; Bitsquare does NOT need any anti-spam at the moment. No one is using it. How about we wait until spam is actually becoming a problem before crippling the system with spam prevention mechanisms?

Why don’t you allow a floating spam-fee that can be set to 0? That way arbiters can choose whether or not to accept your open trade, and if the network is too spammy, arbiters can require a small anti-spam-fee they take whether or not the trade goes through in addition to a larger fee they get only if the trade does go through. The likely scenario is that 0btc anti-spam-fees will be widely accepted for the larger success-fee.

This would allow people to freely list offers on bitsquare while the network is small without any risk. Once the network is large, anti-spam fees can be organically introduced in a market-driven way.

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