Lost Bisq Wallet/Accounts - Blue Screen of Death -- UPDATE - keypairmust not be null?

Hey there. Long story short. My computer was getting blue screened none stop and while I was attempting to fix the issue I finally received one final blue screen of death. At that point, I had to do a complete fresh install of windows. As a result, I lost a lot of files.

I downloaded bisq and my computer seems to have saved several previous JAR files and I do have one signing key file, but I can’t seem to get bisq to recognize that I am not a new user. Is there anyway I can get my verified bisq time back?

I seem to have resolved the issue and been able to recover the wallet but now I am getting an error stating that Keypairmust not be null.

I have been able to restore both wallets I had on the account and the transaction log is populated, however, when i port over the backup wallet things get weird. My balance will show in the account but I am unable to purchase or withdraw any BTC due to the keypair must not be null error.

I had no open transactions at the time.

I have restored my payment accounts without issue, I checked to see if i could potentially buy btc and I had no problems. I then replaced the sig key without issue. Again checked to see if I had problems. The issues arise when I try and port over my wallet information. I have tried porting the entire BISQ folder which leads again to the error. I have also tried just porting the Wallet folder which still leads to the same error. In both cases, My balance shows but I am unable to trade/buy or withdraw the btc in the account.

Hey, instead of importing the wallet into the new data directory, can you restore it using you seed words? This may resolve your issue!

I attempted that but the balance of the wallet would not show. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled bisq several times.

I first tried using the seed words and had no success. Next I tried porting the entire bisq backup. That worked at first, but it showed my balance as an incorrect amount of BTC. I then proceeded to Port various wallet backups 1 by 1 until I found one that was the closest to my previous BTC balance.

Currently I am debating on whether I should cmd + e the funds out and just make a new bisq wallet. Port the sig key and the old wallet information over and then transfer the funds back in. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

And thank you for the reponse!

Currently trying a seed recovery again. I tried to cmd + E my funds out and it wasn’t working.

Fresh install + seed reocvery = Restart

Currently waiting for the bisq to sync with the mainnet. Very slow 2% and counting O_O

@BisqM Hey, how did the fresh install and seed recovery go? Any luck yet?