Lost bitcoin

I run BISQ from USB linux.
Everything I do on the system will reset once the computer shuts down.

I had about three BUY transactions on BISQ totaling to about 0.1 BTC - but then my system crashed and the OS reset. I never transferred the BTC from my BISQ wallet.

I have a backup from two days ago, which gives me the balance of about 0.5 but I am missing the latest transaction. The BUY order has been relisted on my BISQ account since its an old restore.

Are my funds gone for good?

Just closed and re-opened the BISQ application.
My balance shows the correct amount now - but the rest of the data is incorrect (open trades and portfolio mismatches).

I am worried that clicking anything may cause my funds to lock. Not sure how to get my BISQ to the latest information.

Try a spv resync.

You can always use the seed wallet in a new Bisq instance or a BIP39 wallet to recover your funds.
If you use a Bisq instance don’t trade anymore, just withdraw, or it could generate issues.