Lost coins and trades after update

After the upgrade I lost several addresses that were associated with my account. Those addresses contained my open trades and BTC. I’m also unable to open a support ticket from within the application. Your assistance is appreciated.

More details could always help in finding a cause of the problem.
Have you been running a version 0.5.3 and upgraded to 0.6 of Bisq?

Have you stored the seed words and date of your Bisq wallet?
Did you perhaps made a backup?

Any errors that popped up?
Perhaps sending a log file to the devs would help.

I upgraded to version 6.0, I’m not sure what the previous version is. I think the last time I upgraded was back in Aug 2017. My last backup is also from Aug. I loaded the backup files and started the system back up. After sync it still does not show all the other BTC addresses I once had. One of the missing ones holds my Bitcoin. All the bitcoin was locked into orders.

I started to do SEED recovery and received a message that my bitcoin wallets were not empty and that I could lose access to the funds if I continued. I chose “empty my wallets first.” Unfortunately, I can not see the wallets in my account to empty them. My transaction history has loaded, so I can see the addresses I once had. My Received funds folder shows only 1 address, and previously showed over 12. Any suggestions?

As far as I know the wallet structure changed in the version 0.5 which was released on Jun 28th.
This basically means that a transfer of Bitcoins had to be done manually.

So if that was the case, you might need to install an older version of the software and transfer the bitcoin to a new wallet with a normal Bitcoin transaction.
Either way, you can always go to the older version and access your wallet as such,
The trades however were probably not taken and couldn’t be if they were created before that version as the whole network kind of forked, That was the only non-backward compatible release in Bisq history so there shouldn’t be too many complications.

I would just suggest installing a previous version and manage the application normally as if you were withdrawing your bitcoins form the app and not planning to use it anymore, as a newer versions of the app are basically a different app as they are not compatible with the old ones.

Can you PM me the log file? There you can see also the older version before you updated. If it was a version from 0.5 on all should be ok. pre-05 versions are not compatible. Check with cmd+e what the balance is there.

The CMD-E worked and my coins are being transferred. Thanks a lot. I will be sure to backup afterwards. Have a happy holidays!

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