Lost funds 24 Feb 2019

Hi, I upgraded to 0.9.4 on Windows 8.1. Tried to withdraw all funds including a mining fee. Transaction was never seen by any peers. Transaction does not show on the blockchain explorers. Did some research, deleted SPV and resynced. Now there is missing history of transactions - some are still there. Account balance is still 0, so it feels like I have lost the funds. I hope somebody can help. Thx.

Did the resync SPV process go completely to its end ?

Don’t worry, you can always export your private keys if it comes to it.
Try using emergency wallet tool with cmd+e.

Yes, thx.

Thx, I don’t know what that means but I will look around but if you can point me in the right direction I wld be grateful.

Wow that was really easy, thx. And I found out I had more than I knew so I think the wallet was out of sync or corrupted even before now. Will start a new data dir now then and hope it’s resolved.
For anyone else, after pressing ctrl + E you can just enter a destination BTC address and withdraw all your funds, it’s really easy.
Thx for your help.