Lost funds

Today I was creating a new offer on Bitsquare. After creating the offer and transferring the funds a timeout occured and a popup was shown. The popup told me about the timeout and that “no funds have left my wallet”.

After restarting Bitsquare thought, my available balance is shown as 0 BTC. In my transactions tab I clearly see the transation of 0.033 BTC to my wallet. Another 0.0018 BTC have been withdrawn to create the offer that cannot be found anywhere.

How can it be that I lose Bitcoin while trying to create an offer? Is there any way to recover these BTC? This is a very frustrating problem and has occured to me more than once since using Bitsquare.

Edit: I just checked my balance via Ctrl + E and there all funds are available.

There is a bug when the timeout happens that the internal wallet DB gets out of sync. In the next version that will be fixed.
The funds have been displayed prob. in reserved balance (that is what is reserved for offers - so in your local wallet).
If you withdraw with the wallet tool (cmd+e) make sure you have changed the tx fee in the settings to a sufficiently high amount (> 100 sat/bytes).


Great! Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to do this.