Lost open trade info: should be in arbitration as of 11 November

Hello everyone,

I had a BTC buy trade open when I accidentally corrupted my MacOs installation on my MacBook Pro (in a truly boneheaded move). I recovered the state of the machine with a Time Machine backup which was made after I had started the trade. The Multisig deposit and Taker and tx fee had been transfered and I was waiting for my fiat funds to move from one back account to another before I could make the payment. So I had not yet pressed “Payment Started”.

Now when I open Bisq, the open trade is no longer there, but of course the Multisig deposit and Taker and tx fee transactions are visible in the Transactions page, although not labled as such. Is there any way to recover the transaction info so that I can complete the trade and not lose my deposit?

You can post the txids of those transactions here. As far as I can see it, arbitrators can figure out which trade that is if you give them the txid.

I assume using a trade ID is easier, but if you don’t have that and trade is already in arbitration, I think txids will work just fine.

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Today it has been six days since i initiated the trade, it will be in arbitration by now.

So to the arbitrators, these are the Tx ID’s for the Multisig deposit and Taker and tx fee


If you can give me the amount and payment info of the Maker, I will pay the funds ASAP.

The trade has indeed gone to arbitration, and I’m in communication with the seller about forwarding their information to you. @p5948qp, please send a me a private message here on the forum with an email address where I can send it. If you have a protonmail address or an email address with a published PGP key, let me know, so I can send the info with maximum privacy for both you and the seller. Note that I’m standing by for the seller’s OK to send this information to you via one of these channels, and I’ll do so when I hear back from them.

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@p5948qp, I’ve sent you a private message. Let’s follow up there.

I sent you a reply.