Lost transaction after computer crash

Hey Team.

I’ve managed to create a new transaction and BTC was drawn from my wallet, however, my computer crashed once completing and I can’t see it now in open trades.

Any help would be appreciated.

the transaction can be seen here https://mempool.space/address/3A8Zc1XioE2HRzYfbb5P8iemCS72M6vRJV

correction: here https://mempool.space/tx/647869336c41d3de8a60dd2dea0bd5d1c9ec7cdf28f8d2f744ae4f6b9cb04bf9

Looks like your wallet might be corrupted with this crash. Try a spv resync: https://bisq.wiki/Resyncing_SPV_file
Since v1.4.2, it can take too long, but it’s still the way to solve most corrupted wallets.