Lost Transaction


This morning I initiated a trade with someone i’ve traded with twice in the past. Deposit was made from my account. I sent the funds and clicked on Payment Started. I sent the funds and went for a walk with my dog.

When I came back, my laptop had shut off. The battery power had drained. When I went back into BISQ, I had issues connecting to the BTC network, so I did a restore of the application with a backup from last night.

Unfortunately - the trade is no longer in my Open Trades, and surely by now the seller has released the funds. It is not in my wallet either. I have no idea what the trade ID is. Can this trade be recovered?

Thank you.

By using the backup, the trade data from a transaction that was made after that backup was made, is lost.
Restoring the backup was probably not necessary, as it seems that you just had a connectivity issue.
When restoring a backup, keep the “broken” version.

Please go to bisq.chat on Matrix chat so you can share metadata about the trade. Maybe you don’t remember the trade ID, but you’ll be able to share your onion address, amount, currency, if you were the buyer/seller or maker-taker, etc.
That way, when your peer opens mediation because you’re unresponsive, the mediator will know why and you could do a manual payout.

maybe the trade can be completed all the same: you sent payment and you clicked the PAYMENT STARTED button. If that button worked, the PSBT of your part of the multisignature has been sent to the seller, and then when the seller receives the money and clicks on the PAYMENT RECEIVED button, he will sign his part of the multisignature, sending the trade amount back to you, so you will receive it anyway. Restoring a backup like you did was a risky thing to do in any case :slight_smile: You lost the trade state and the SPV sync state as well, so no matter what I think you will need to to (at least one) SPV resync