Low miner fee

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck in a transaction with what appears to be an insanely low miner fee (15.40 satoshi/vByte - 0.00003588 BTC). At this rate it won’t clear for days.

Would this have been set automatically and can I do anything about it?


What I guess I’m trying to say - should I have doctored the miner fee? I have traded lots before in Bisq and have never touched the fees - thought these were set automatically?

Why would this fee be so low? It’s a real pain!

Even worse, it blocks any other activity with that trade wallet, until this transaction is processed.

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Just be patient and set the desired minimum in the settings

The minimum is only for wallet transactions (send), not for trading.

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So far been waiting 25 hours - far too long for this first stage of a trade!!

I still don’t understand why the fee was set so low? How does that happen??

You can see the fee rate used at any time given by Bisq at the lower left corner of the app. That rate is used for transactions related to the trade.
You can use that rate for withdrawals, or select your own at “settings - withdrawal transaction fee”.

I think that now it’s better to wait if it gets eventually confirmed. 12h ago 10 sat/byte transactions were confirming. Please check through a blockchain explorer that your transaction is really waiting for confirmation.

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Same problem. I sent over my security deposit and it’s been confirming for about 24 hours. It actually showed as broadcast, then randomly stopped showing in the block explorer, which was weird. I was able to get it re-broadcast, but still stuck. As far as I can see, there’s no way to set the fees, so there’s no way around this problem if Bisq automatically sets the fees too low.

If I send additional funds to the security deposit address with a higher fee, what would happen? Would I risk losing my first security deposit once the first transaction confirms, or would it automatically be sent back to my Bisq wallet?

Worth investigating RBF (Replace by Fee) for Bisq? Ideally not necessary.
Or at least having a formal procedure /wiki for anyone that wants to (manually if possible).
Saw someone get ‘helped’ in telegram, but didn’t work.

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if your fee tx contains a change address. you can try child-pays-for-parent fee bump from sending from the change address good luck. would only apply to taker/maker fee tx low fee.

I would also appreciate it if Bisq could support RBF (Replace by Fee) for all transactions (security deposits, offers, external transfers). Trades can stuck for days or weeks if fees on mempool suddenly rise and stay at high level blocking the transfer. And we, the traders, can do nothing easy against. Doing a CPFP is much more complicated, especially for people who are not so familiar with the mater.

Does someone know the reason why it is not implemented and activated by default?

It’s not possible to change the transactions after they have been signed by both parties unless you have start another interactive signing procedure. It also would cause problems in that someone has to add more funds as the amounts are calculated exactly in the preparatory fee transactions. It’s a lot easier to do CPFP than implementing a new multi party RBF scheme.

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Thank you for this explanation!

Would it then be possible to add something to set a higher fee myself when making an offer, or for my deposit when taking one?

At the moment the fees are calculated by Bisq without the possibility of changing anything. Bisqs fee-calculation is not done by average fee-value of a certain period but by current fee-value. This can lead in an unlucky fee-valley. If we had the opportunity to change this (in both directions) it could be helpful.

Previously the fees were generally higher, basically overpaying to get bisq txs confirmed. With the current model it works better than before. Allowing each party to set their own preferred fee would cause trouble as you need a fee negotiation during the offer taking process. I think that would cause more friction for most users when offers fail due to different fee settings.

If anything I think adding a CPFP feature for transactions that have the possibility would be the way to go. It’s already possible to do manually by spending a txout from the tx that you want confirmed, but it could perhaps be improved by adding a UI element to just spend such a tx with a higher fee. Such a scheme wouldn’t interact with other users so it would be cleaner.

This is a relay great idea!!!

Can you make a request to the DAO for someone create a CPFP feature?

I’m sure the DAO would reward this feature if it turns out to be viable after some deeper investigation. Just need someone to investigate and implement it.

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