LTC Withdrawal Stuck

I initiated LTC withdrawal but it seems it is stuck forever and I cannot do anything. It seems my LTC is lost. The LTC address does not have any history and transaction ID does not have any info.

TX: f232248e46476028d1f7d92c496097b10e76942e891a4c2306eedaf67270c249

How can I get my LTC back ? Please help!
The GUI keeps showing confirmation pending icon but it would never finish.


I am not too familiar with Litecoin, but if these block explorers are correct, it seems that the transaction never happened so your LTC should still be in your Bisq internal wallet.

You can try using emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e, that might help.

It still shows 0 LTC, and I backed up my wallet and restored it then there shows no transaction history at all.

Try deleting the SPV file by pressing the appropriate button in the settings. Then restart Bisq two times.

Thank you very much! it shows the balance now. Can I tip you ? Plz send me your LTC address.

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No need for tipping :blush: You are very kind.

Oh no, I got the same issue…it seems I cannot simply withdraw LTC. I believe there must be a bug on Bisq - v.0.6.3. Is there a way to extract LTC private key out of this Bisq ?

Option + J or Alt + J I found it Thanks!

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