LusoCoin listing

Hello bisq community,

LusoCoin community is glad to reach your DAO,
We attempted to follow your guide for listing using github, but something was wrong.

Can anyone tell us what we missed?

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards

Hello @lusocoin ,
I’m not completely sure,
but PRs from branch:master can cause trouble, and thus must be avoided.
So, if I’m not wrong, you should make your PR from a branch of your repo which is not master.

But maybe it’s better to wait from an advice from the people in charge.

Apologies if I’m wrong.

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So PR was made from a master branch,
We will wait on further feedback from the people in charge before submitting other PR from a different branch.

Thank you Homard!
We are glad to be around bisq.

Thank you for the approval,

Feel free to pm us here for any additional needs.