macOS installation error: Bisq is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to trash

If you are running already macOS Ventura (13.0+) you need to do following to be able to start Bisq:

  • Enter following command in Apple Terminal sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
  • Hit enter and you will be prompted to enter your password to be able to execute the command as super user

I’ve done it, but it continue to send me same message…

which version of macOS are you using?

Ventura the last one 13.2.1

This confirms the findings I’ve come up with until now, not every ventura user will be unable to fix the issue following the article, as some of them are indeed able to install Bisq in the end, but every macos user who cannot install Bisq even using the guide, is using Ventura.
My usual suggestion is to install a linux VM and use bisq from there

Got the same error and the terminal command worked on 13.3.1. M1 MBP.


Friend of mine had this problem yesterday on Catalina!

macOS 10.15.7 (all current OS updates installed)
Mac mini 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel i7
Bisq v1.9.12 (current version)

See attached screen shot.

The Bisq online manual should be updated. It is NOT ONLY Ventura.

I am not an expert of MacOS by any means, so I have no idea which is which regarding release date, but I’ll update the wiki

To be exact though,the wiki doesn’s say that the error only occurs on Ventura, but rather that if you are on Ventura, then the steps to follow are… and so on and so forth

Well, if you want to read that from what is written in Wiki, well, yeah, I would say: “That is a very narrow interpretation of what’s written there.” :slight_smile:

It doesn’t hurt, if it’s in the wiki. It surely would have saved me some investigation time, if it had already been in the wiki when I ran into this error. Yes, I read the wiki, I even read this very page and since I am not on Ventura, I did not pay attention to the “dedicated Ventura passage”. I’m sure, it would help others as well.

Terminal command worked in OS 12.4