Major bug in Bisq. Transactions not broadcasting and timing out

I can’t trade anymore.

I open a trade for BTC->XMR and someone takes my trade.

The transaction ID is not listed on the bitcoin network and the trade times out and I get refunded after a few days. How can I solve this? Its not even about adding a higher fee, Bisq is not transmitting the transaction to the blockchain when the trade is started.

Are you using the latest version, v.1.0.1?

Yes 1.0.1.

If i submit 10 trades, maybe 2-3 of them will be broadcast on the bitcoin network, the rest don’t go anywhere.

Is your Internet connection otherwise stable?

Try deleting outdated Tor files in Settings->Network Info->Open Tor settings.

I guess I had too many transactions on my seed, I deleted my roaming folder and made a new seed and its working again. Hopefully I don’t have to do this every time I have a lot of transactions.

If your wallet is old, yeah, it might be necessary to start over from time to time.

My wallet was 2 weeks old with around 200 transactions.

You did a lot of trading, but yeah, 2 weeks shouldn’t be too old.

It seems the wallet db file got corrupted. Best is if you start over with a new data directory and transfer the funds over there. I would not recommend to just restore from seed words.
I don’t think it is related to the release as we did not get other bug reports in that direction and it is a longer known issue that the wallet db file can get out of sync and on the TODO list to get fixed.