Make offer in old version and now lost bail - Could help me?

Pls I make offer on BISQ but with old version. Accept Bail but after this platform say: need update.
After update I have not my offer but bail is sent.

Any GM for help pls?
This is it: mempool - Bitcoin Explorer

The tx seems valid, I will remove it for privacy.
Do a backup of your current data Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki and a spv resync. Updating should not make you lose an offer.

What is “bail”?

Thank you for answer.

I did the synchronization according to the instructions. Still I have no open trades in my portfolio.
Bail = refundable deposit for trade.
So now still sent refundable deposit via bitcoin explorer upside. Could you send me back and then I will open trade again?

refundable deposit was 0.00205BTC.

The security deposit is only “sent” if the deposit transaction is correctly broadcasted. If the deposit tx failed to broadcast (which you can find using a block explorer), the funds are still in your wallet and not sent to the 2of2 multisig address, and your balance can be correctly calculated with a SPV resync.

Oh, resync again and now i see my deposit.
Thank you for your help mr.


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