Make reason for payment less suspicious/obvious

I believe there was a proposal somewhere to make the “reason for payment” in fiat trades less obvious/suspicious, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If someone can pull up the original thread, that would be great.

Basically, we need to have a way to make Bisq trades look less suspicious for prying eyes of institutions. The BTC seller should have a way to specify a reason for payment before accepting or creating offers. A default reason should be specified in settings or per-account basis, but should be changeable at any time. The ideal format (as I see it) should be:

So if the custom text is Payment for invoice 01C- and trade ID is 967cW06, the reason for payment the buyer should specify is Payment for invoice 01C-967cW06

Ideally, the custom text should be shielded from the buyer until the deposit transaction has reached 1 confirmation

If the seller of the BTC can choose a custom text it is rather dangerous that he might choose something having “Bitcoin” in the text and that mistake would be bad for the buyer.

The word “trade” is bad, but also the word “invoice” is strange for a payment between private persons.

The only thing that could be mimicked here would be a Ebay-Trade or something similar.

Hmm. In that case, we should ban words like “Bitcoin”.

I used the word “Invoice” without any issues