Maker fee to be lost if I remove offer?

Why would I lose my maker fee if I remove an offer? I don’t show that it’s been accepted yet but I get this message if I click on the Remove Offer icon.

This is an antispam measure, to avoid the Bisq network being flooded.
As well the network itself than the users.

Please notice that the fees for the makers have recently been cut by half.
In order to facilitate makers job.

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I thought that the only way I could lose my deposit was in arbitration. Did I miss the fine print? Is this like an eBay listing fee? So it’s not possible to decide to withdraw an unaccepted offer, ever, without losing some coin?

In short, yes.
For the good reasons exposed in my previous post.

Maker fee is 0.1% atm, that’s not really a huge amount.

If you have some good idea about a better mechanism for avoiding spam offers,
you may make a proposal at
Bisq is an open source project which welcomes contributions.

How would a spam offer work? Sorry if I’m not getting it.

Offers need to be received and sent through Bisq nodes, they could be saturated (like a ddos) by unrealistic offers.

@littlebit2big - If you are interested in posting a trade in the client to see how all of the fields are displayed and what your offer will look like, you can use testnet. From the client, go to Settings > General preferences > Select Network > Testnet.

After restarting Bisq, you can use bitcoin testnet coins to examine the system and create offers without sacrificing a fee.

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