MakerCreateAndSignContract ERROR

Hello bisq. Today i tried two times make a test deal on DeepOnion market.
I followed all steps made security deposit , placed sell order and it was ok. I was able saw it on the BTC\ONION market.

after this i loaded new on another pc and tried to buy my own order. Followed all steps there , sent btc to wallet which system asked. After wallet got BTC , i tried to complete deal and on seller PC i got error

An Error occurred at task: MakerCreateAndSignContract
Exception message: makerpaymentAccountPayload must not be null

i dont know what is reason, i followed all steps and sent full BTC transactions which was asked by system.
And this happened with me two times.

Perhaps sending @ManfredKarrer your log file could help.
I don’t know what could’ve caused an error.

Hm, weird. please send me the logs.

is this other pc behind the same IP, or not ?

they 100% had same IP address

but i don’t sure about same *.onion address.

… this was exactly the next question I wanted to ask.
Are the onion addresses different or not ? You should verify that.
It’s in Settings/network Info.

If both onion addresses are the same … I would expect some worries.