Mandatory update to v1.1.1 - removed ban for SEPA regions and Interac

As announced we removed the ban for German and Dutch SEPA bank transfers and for Interac (CAD).
Additionally we require now version 1.1.0 for trading as that comes with additional security features to protect users against chargeback scammers.

Please still be alerted and extra careful. Check if sending bank details matches 100% the details in the Bisq account and if not open a dispute.

For now transfers using Transferwise is not permitted anymore as in that case the check for the sender cannot be done as name and IBAN are from Transferwise. If you have any trade open, please open a dispute, the arbitrators will decide case by case how to deal with it. After a few days any trade using Transferwise will be considered invalid and need to be refunded back to sender. The sender will risk loss of his deposit if he does continue to use Transferwise.

With release 1.1.1 we set the account age for no restriction for buyers to 1st of March instead of 15th of March as in 1.1.0 because we have one scammer who set up this account around 15th of March and wanted to ensure to lock those guys out (he is banned anyway but who knows if he used other accounts as well). As the age if checked by the peer please be sure to update to 1.1.1 if you have 1.1.0 running, otherwise your trades will fail.


(using the newest bisq 1.1.0)

As a BTC seller I’m still not able to take any buy offers >0.01 BTC, because my “payment account was created after March 15th 2019”.

I had assumed that selling BTC would be possible again even for new users within the original limits.

Am I wrong?

Oh damn seems that there is a bug then…

I’ve noticed the problem since the update but assumed it was because the ban was not lifted - seems like it isn’t. :confused:

Fixed with

Will be deployed tomorow with a new release.

We just released v1.1.1 that fixes your issue. Thanks for reporting!


Ah im the Scammer with mostly 30 trades and zero Chargebacks.
Sure absolutely. Arbitrators are scamming on BISQ…
Nice to know your strategy, its the last time that I use Bisq.

Stop your lies. You use an account which is not yours and which got blocked by the bank. You reject all requests for providing proof or your story. If you have a BTC club where is any link to a webpage, FB group,…)? What do you expect that arbitrators think of you? You act like a scammer, you talk like scammer and yet we should think you are not a scammer? If you are not a scammer provide proof.


When the block was in place, but before it became clear that German bank accounts were being blocked, I tried everything to get Bisq working again. That included deleting my account and making a new one. So far with bisq I have only been able to make one successful btc buy transaction. Version 1.1.1 now blocks me as my account is too new. Will the next version allow me to use bisq again :frowning: Thank you

If you have your old account data you can restore it by importing it, then you have an older account. But need to be > 1st of March. We are working on solutions but not clear how long that will take. We are short on dev resourced…