Mandatory upgrade to v1.8.0 unavailable in Arch Linux AUR

Since some v1.8.0 users are getting trade errors when transacting with users on earlier versions, and the upgrade to v1.8.0 is mandatory, the Arch Linux AUR probably needs to be updated ASAP to avoid further trade problems escalating.

Relevant links:

I tried to do the same by modifying the PKGBUILD to specify pkgver=1.8.2,

Then all you have to do is update the sha256sums, but I’m not sure what the shasums should be. Any ideas?

It should work as long as we update the pkgver and shasums.

I just created this wiki article: Fix Arch release - Bisq Wiki

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Thank you!

Quick question, how did you get this shasum?


quick reply, copypasted by a user who built this procedure… but it’s trivial to compute a sha256 of a file :slight_smile:

Well yeah, but I’m not sure where you can find the sha256 on the bisq github to confirm it’s correct.

that would be the sha256sum of a file inside the release, so you download said release and check against the file that you are supposed to edit as per the wiki article