Manfred, you need to read this

Does it work? Or still in a planning/alpha phase? Can’t find any info about that. Signed up for an account but all I see is the crowdsourcing stats. Seems like it hooks up your money to a virtual credit cards. Most of the BTC to card providers charge a 3% fee. Probably will be the same here.

i recently stumbled upon this, havnt had a chance to have a read up on it yet.

any comments on ethereum in general from the bitsquare community? i basically get it, but dont get why ethereum/ETH implementation is the way to go. why cant it just be forked and use internally by whoever wants to use it.

@in-cred-u-lous The PlutusDEX - their decentralized liquidity exchange service - is still in development. So far all real-world tests have been run from a central server. I forked the code today and will go over it. The whole thing looks complex, but in terms of cost it’s far cheaper than the many bitcoin debit cards now on offer. But where it shines is 1) No bank fees 2) Can be used anywhere in the world without forex. I give that a big +100.

ETA to go live is December.

And this is simply frickin’ awesome …

It has finally gone live, and it actually works. Goodbye advertising, hello freedom.

Yeah, ZeroNet is pretty cool. I’ve been running it for a week now, but have still not explored it properly. Does it host any interesting content yet or is it still in “toy” mode?

BTW I got rid of advertising long time ago through browser plugins.

Looks like someone has been squatting on bitsquare.bit domain since Oct 2014. Do you own it?

It’s still a bit of a toy but better than dotbit.

I have AdBlocker and PrivacyBadger but still the popups drive me crazy.

No bitsquare.bit no ours…