Many transactions stuck

Hello. More than 10 hours ago I tried to withdraw BTC from 11 different addresses from Bisq to another exchange, the fees were placed automatically by the system, because I included them in the total amount to transfer.

It went wrong to all those 11 addresses but it worked inmediatelly for one of them were the transaction was confirmed less than an hour after was launched. The one that worked was the one that belong to the selling trade, which was released when I confirmed I had received the payment. So the buyer had his BTC perectly fine in less than 1 hour.

So now I don’t know what to do.

If the problem is just that the transactions have low fees, then you can either wait, try to use an online transaction accelerator or use the CPFP method if you have access to the private keys of the address you sent those bitcoins to.

Do you think a transaction with 80.91069460 sat/Byte fee should take more than 2 days to have confirmations?

Yes can be. See for current mempool situation.
Fees about 200 sat/byte should get in the blockchain in a reasonable time. But < 100 might take a few days.