Mark the same SEPA Account as SEPA Instant as well, is that possible?

I added a SEPA bank Account to buy and sell stuff.
I don’t see the reason for making the “realtime version”, aka SEPA instant, a completely different payment method.
It is more like adding a flag “oh yes i can do realtime too” to an existing account.
This would avoid having to re-start your account age timer when your bank suddenly supports this feature and the number of banks that can do it, is starting to grow.

Do you mean SEPA Instant?

I guess so

I’m not sure. Can you receive a SEPA Instant if you have SEPA, and vice-versa?
The issue I see is that the maximum trade duration limit differs between the two: SEPA’s is 6 days while SEPA Instant is 1 day.

Does anything change in your account details between SEPA and SEPA Instant?

No it doesn’t change. If i do online banking and the system detects the other person can receive instant payments because her bank participates in the SEPA Instant system, i can just select SEPA instant as an option and it’s done as soon as i entered my TAN for the transfer.
If the other persons bank doesn’t support it, i can only select “regular transfer” and it will take a bit longer to arrive.
IBAN , Account holder, name of the bank and so on, stay the same regardless of the receivers capabilities.

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At this moment I think the only way is to create two accounts, normal and instant, with the same IBAN, and create two offers.
They are treated like two different payment methods, also to consider age accounts. The main difference is that at Bisq sepa instant gives less time to complete trades, so using normal sepa and then sending an insta sepa would be good as long as peers mark payment sent fast too.

It is ok to “instant pay” a normal sepa offering , that can be immediately be confirmed by the receiver of the money.

The problem arises when the offer is “sepa instant”, then the system will lock you out as you don’t have a sepa instant account (with a sufficient age).
This second thing, is what should change.

Bisq needs to know if the trade should be complete in 6 (normal) or 1 days (instant) (maybe not the exact time period).
If you create a instant sepa and your peer picks ir with normal sepa te trade will take longer than the sepa period and will end in dispute.