Market price from bitcoinaverage is way off

The price for BTC is now at about 6760 USD shown at But the Bisq app shows it way higher at 7691 USD. Same with EUR and NOK and I guess all other currencies. Has been like this since yesterday I think. Here from the log file:

jun-11 21:01:04.631 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO b.c.p.p.PriceFeedService: Received new MarketPrice(currencyCode=USD, price=7691.58, timestampSec=1528362172415, isExternallyProvidedPrice=true) from provider http://44mgyoe2b6oqiytt.onion/ after 0.8 sec.

Try restarting your PC and starting Bisq again. Bisq shows correct values on my PC.

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Thanks, I just restartet my Win10 PC and now the price in Bisq is correct. But is this a bug? This is not good, since the PC must stay powered on at all times for the offer to be visible for others. A big issue when we have big swings in price as we had last two days.

It does seam like it yes. We also had someone in Slack reporting this issue recently.
Maybe connection to price nodes are failing, but only due to the big price changes recently users have noticed it. Maybe @ManfredKarrer can look into this. You can send him your log file in PM and explain the problem.

I had the same issue but it seems to be correct now. There were some offers there with those prices, so maybe those trades had some problems.
Thanks for the answers.

I had the same issue (~1000$ price gap, and approx the same for EUR/BTC) on my PC (Debian Stretch).
I closed (softly) Bisq and relaunched it, without restarting the PC, and the prices are now ok (at least more conform to
… we need to have an eye on this issue.

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Can you send me the log file?

Just sent you the log file in an email.

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