Market price provider

In the settings I see three market price providers (Poloniex, coinmarketcap and bitcoinaverage). However, on the trades always Poloniex is the reference. Don’t think Poloniex is a good choice because it’s too small. Any reason why Poloniex is always used? Their market price often deviates by 0,25%.

afaik, the price provider depends from the considered pair.
eg right now BTC/EUR is given by BitcoinAverage.

I see. BTC/XMR is Poloniex then. Binance has 7 times higher trade volumes for this pair and deviates on average by 0.3%. Would it be an option to us a Binance API or is there a provider offering a mix like bitcoinaverage?

deviates from which reference ?

If you are a dev and have good ideas about how Bisq could propose more pertinent prices, you are welcome to open an issue on the github or even make a proposal.