Mediation disputes

Hi, if you have mediation disputes with this onion address lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 please be patient because there is a technical difficulty and he can’t answer the messages right now. we are working on it.

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How do you know what mediator you have? It doesn’t say in the “details” popup at all.

I have had a mediation case which the mediator stopped responding to days ago and the other party has since released so I have my funds but the dispute has stayed open, will it be stuck open forever now?

yes it says on the details, look where it says “selected mediator” and check if it matches with the onion address I posted

I might be blind, I can’t see it:

ok that’s weird, @huey do you know why that might be?

I have had two successful mediations previously and those don’t show “selected mediator” either


this is how it should look, do you have the updated bisq version installed or an old one?

can you tell me what’s the offer ID of your trade?

I have 1.2.2, not sure if this was an issue on 1.1.7 or not because I never looked for it.

Trade is rldubm

Hi @ManfredKarrer, a trade was done correctly on October 2nd, but the seller was unable to unlock the wallet. I asked the referee for assistance on 3 October, which he proposed immediately after opening the tiket, but then he never saw himself again. I have tried several times to request his intervention, but he has not intervened.
The trade is BVPXNGM-a9918b03-358f-4e1e-90e0-7fbe29360e2a-117
The arbitrator/mediator is lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 / exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999

hi, are you currently on mediation or on arbitration? I can’t see your trade anywhere, can you go on the dispute and click cmd + o (or ctrl + o if its not a Mac)

if you are on mediation then @keo can help you

The trade is this: BVPXNGM-a9918b03-358f-4e1e-90e0-7fbe29360e2a-117
I am in mediation, and the arbitrator / mediator is: lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 / exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999
I try to contact @keo?