Mediation or other solution?

First of all, please pardon my poor English.
I just sold my first 0.01 BTC on Bisq, the payment method accepted was SEPA instant.
The buyer confirmed he had paid, so I checked my bank account, but I saw nothing.
Then we had a friendly chat via the bisq app, and he noticed that he probably didn’t use SEPA instant, but the common SEPA, so the money won’t arrive before Tuesday-Wednesday (Monday banks are closed in our country and we live in the same country).
I think the penalty for this is 10%? So I told him that if the normal penalty is 10%, I would be happy with 5%, but we have to go through mediation, right? Even if we had a very courteous chat?
The easiest way for me would be to see his money on my account in a few days, and tell him that if he’s honest he can wire 5% more, but that’s not how bisq works so I didn’t mention this option in the chat. I just mentioned that my price was that cheap because of the instant payment, I would not sell for such a small premium with delayed payment.
The 24 hours are not over yet, so I have to wait the 24 hours are over before opening mediation? Right now, in the app, I only can see a chat with the buyer button.
Thank you for your explanations!

Hi congrats on your first trade.

Delayed payment has the following penalties:

Buyer does not make payment in trade window

If late buyer loses the following; 0-24 hours late: Buyer loses 5% of the trade amount., 24-48 hours late: Buyer loses 10% of the trade amount, 48-72 hours late: Buyer loses 15% of the trade amount.

ref: Table of penalties - Bisq Wiki

Whatever you decide with the trade peer inform the mediation and ask your peer to do the same. Mediators will be happy to make the payout what both traders have agreed between themselves.

Do not send / receive any payment outside of Bisq. It can all be done through mediation.

You do not need to wait to open mediation. You can open mediation by selecting the trade and pressing; ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’

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I’d rather get their penalty from mediation as it will be paid in good money instead of fiat. That’s the way it should be done.

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Hi What happens if no mediators are there to assist after 2 weeks since the dispute is opened? I have 2 such situations and a lot of fiat / BTC is involved and nobody is responding, not even the buyer in one case.

I have been using Bisq for 3 1/2 yrs and these last transactions have been v slow and with no responses from Support, this makes me wary to use it again.

Hi you should have heard back after 2 weeks.

I would message your mediator on Keybase: Keybase

Have a look at who your mediator is and message them. Both mediators names are the same on Keybase as they are shown in the Bisq app.

You could contact your mediator through keybase, they should reply after 48h but sometimes messages are lost. Finding your mediator - Bisq Wiki
If for some reason the mediator was not available, you could be assisted to generate a manual payout when your peer collaborates, or start arbitration after 10 or 20 days (alts or fiat) if your peer is unresponsive. Your funds could be locked for some time but they won’t be lost.