Mediator recommendation not followed?

For a specific TRADE the mediator recommended return of Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.003995 BTC. Why have I not been returned that BTC?

Mediators suggest a payout that both peers need to accept. In case one of the peers doesn’t accept the suggestion, after 10 days (altcoins) or 20 (national currencies) the multisig funds are sent to DAO address and a refund agent investigates again the issue and makes a BTC payout.

I suggest you to remove the trade ID as this is personal details.

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Thank you very much for the Txid reminder and referral to mediator rules. However, I am not finding any information on where to go for (1) DAO address and (2) the refund agent current actions relative to my proposed refund?

You’ll get a notification when arbitration is available, after the time window for mediation is exceeded.
There’s a possibility that your trade is a failed trade due to a bug in Bisq software caused since v1.3, in that case proceed to #support keybase channel or wait for a hotfix in v1.3.2